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Knowing exactly what risks exist in your asset portfolio shouldn’t be a guessing game. Manage contractors, samples and assets in one place.

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Complete Mobile & Desktop Solution For Asbestos Management

No more lost registers. No more lost audit trails. No more guess work.

1. Inspect

Contractors inspect assets directly from the Octfolio app.

2. Analyse

Samples are analysed in a NATA accredited lab. Results are available in real-time.

3. Manage

QR Coded Plaques let you know how many times your Asbestos Registers have been accessed.

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Easy to use App

Our mobile app is designed to work from any tablet, anywhere. There's no need for an active internet connection once a scheduled audit is synced to a device.

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Asset QR Codes

QR codes link directly to the digital safety noticeboard of an asset. The exact risk is available for anyone without the need to hunt down a paper register.

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World class support

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support. Whether it's a feature request or assistance getting started, we're here & happy to help.

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Access Statistics

Make more informed decisions about your assets by seeing exactly how many times your QR codes have been scanned.

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Complete Compliance

Clock off for the day with complete piece of mind, knowing your asbestos risks are well managed.

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Version controlled registers

Every time you generate a new register, previous versions are archived but still accessible if you need to reference them.

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Watch this quick 5 minute video to understand how data capture, analysis and management work in the Octfolio platform.

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With a simple mobile and web based app, we help you keep your staff safe & your organisation compliant.


Managing Asbestos is serious business. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. With accompanying QR codes & digital registers, the right information is never far away.


All data is stored securely in Australian Microsoft Azure data centres.

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Key Solutions & Features

Managing Asbestos is serious business. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. With Octfolio’s simple mobile and web based app, we help you keep your staff safe & your organisation compliant.

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Asset Management

Manage your asset portfolio with our intelligent software solutions. Organise your asset hierarchy to suit your organisation, big or small, with as much or as little detail as you require.

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Asbestos Management

Compliance monitoring has never been easier with our asbestos management software. The online portal allows users to manage all asbestos obligations with the click of a button.

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Your Data Is Yours

We’re serious about privacy, especially when it comes to ‘your’ data. All data is stored securely in Australian Microsoft Azure data centres.  

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Interactive Asbestos Maps

Search for specific asbestos related sites with an address, on an easy to use mobile friendly map interface. With easy accessibility and by sharing information on a map, this helps visitors and contractors quickly find their desired location.

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Asbestos Document Management

Keep all your documents in one central online database. You can even create, customise and automate various asbestos documents, or simply use our ready-made templates.

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Asbestos Maintenance Management

Stay compliant with all your documentation thanks to an up-to-date, user friendly digital asbestos register. Plus, you can protect your assets by tracking user engagement with the online register. 

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Asbestos Report Management

Customise reports to suit your organisation using software that automatically generates registers, management plans and reporting documents. This not only improves accuracy of reporting, but helps to reduce the cost of inspection programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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