Asbestos Asset Management: Asset hierarchy mirrored to your exact requirements.

Your ACM responsibilities don't have to keep you up at night.

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Octfolio helps some of the largest government departments, education institutions, telcos and health facilities keep their people safe with asbestos management done right.

With a flexible structure, assets can be nested within a hierarchy to match your existing asset management requirements.

For smaller organisations without existing asset management software, the asset hierarchy can be kept simple. List buildings and nothing more, if that's the way you prefer.

For large enterprises with sprawling portfolios, nest assets within one another, as many layers deep as you need - from sites and buildings, to rooms, levels and items. Octfolio is designed to perfectly complement your existing enterprise-grade asset management system.

But it's about more than just listing your assets. It's about ensuring the granular details of each assets risk-rating are available without digging for it.

Octfolio intelligently detects assets with a moderate or high level of risk to recommended management strategies depending on the type and condition of the Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM). By bubbling-up your data, you'll always have a birds-eye view of your organisation's ACM risks.

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Every organisation that has a significant asset portfolio has an asset management software solution such as BEMIR, Ellipse, Maximo, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP or TRIRIGA. With this in mind, Octfolio has been developed with a simple Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for the seamless integration with whatever asset management software solution your company is currently using.

Currently supported Asset Management

  • Have the flexibility to represent asset relationships in a hierarchical structure to at least seven levels
  • Allow variations in asset hierarchy within each department
  • Maintain a central register of core built environment asset data, including location
  • Record organisation / department (building and /or site owner)
  • Logical partitioning of built asset information by Department (Owner)
  • Record building including number of floors and sqm area
  • Record asbestos containing material (ACM) and it’s recorded locations
  • Record building improvement and remediation works
  • Record building construction type
  • Record signage and labelling of asbestos to components/buildings
  • Upload and retrieve building condition assessment data
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