Asbestos Software for Consultants, Assessors and Auditors

May 23, 2022
We’ve discussed many times how a business has both health and compliance obligations that necessitate the use of asbestos software.

Asbestos Management Plans

May 23, 2022
All businesses have an obligation to take asbestos management seriously, both for health safety and compliance reasons.

How To Identify Asbestos

May 21, 2022
There are many reasons why it is important to know how to identify asbestos, particularly in the workplace. Businesses are obligated to meet their asbestos compliance requirements

Best Asbestos Inspectors Australia: Organise Asbestos Testing Inspections for your Building

May 23, 2022
Identifying asbestos is important for both health and compliance reasons, but it is also incredibly difficult. As a result, you need qualified asbestos inspectors

Different Types of Building Inspector Software

April 8, 2022
Building inspection software is a digital solution to track and manage asbestos and hazardous materials.

Asset Tracking Software in Australia

April 8, 2022
Asset tracking software in Australia is an important resource for businesses whose assets contain asbestos...

What is Asbestos?

April 8, 2022
Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of flexible fibers that are resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion.

Asbestos Testing

April 2, 2022
Asbestos testing and removal is a delicate process where there is little room for error

Different Types of Asbestos

April 2, 2022
Asbestos is a substance that consists of types of naturally occurring minerals. Due to its highly potent resistance to fire

Best Asbestos Software

April 2, 2022
For the past decade it has been Octfolio’s mission to keep people across Australia and New Zealand safe.