Asbestos Software for Consultants, Assessors and Auditors

May 21, 2022

Sebastian Tiller

We’ve discussed many times how a business has both health and compliance obligations that necessitate the use of asbestos software. Not only do you need to be able to register asbestos containing materials, employees need to be able to view the register, as well as any other important details such as management procedures.

However, there are other people that need to access parts of your register as well:

  • Asbestos assessors; 
  • Asbestos auditors; and 
  • Asbestos consultants. 

They play an important role in the management of asbestos risk, health and safety in the workplace.

In this article, we will elaborate on their roles, as well as how asbestos software plays into them.

Who uses asbestos software (and why)?

Building on what we said earlier, asbestos software is used by anybody working in a business where asbestos is identified (or suspected, given that the golden rule is to treat suspected asbestos as though it is identified).

The goal of asbestos software is to:

  • Allow for the comprehensive registering of asbestos containing materials (ACM) across multiple sites
  • Provide employees with access to information regarding ACM, safety protocols and working practices
  • Help ensure compliance for the business, regarding asbestos regulations

Licensed asbestos assessors, consultants and assessors have similar professions, and are able to:

  • Inspect your building for asbestos materials and provide a report
  • Get asbestos samples tested
  • Monitor the air for asbestos fibres
  • Do clearance inspections after asbestos removal to check for possible contamination
  • Issue clearance certificates for the removal of asbestos

Asbestos software provides the tools to take all of the above data that the assessor determines (i.e. asbestos inspection reports, tested samples, air monitoring results, etc.) and digitise them in an easy to access location. Additionally, asbestos software makes this process efficient by eliminating the need for paper documents and removing the potential for human error.

What can assessors, auditors and consultants do with asbestos software?

Asbestos software contains a number of features that assessors, auditors and consultants use in order to effectively manage asbestos. Octfolio has all of the features that these professionals need. Here are the many things that assessors, auditors and consultants can do with the right asbestos software.

They can easily manage all asbestos assets

Octfolio makes it easy to record and access information on identified asbestos assets, storing swaths of information on a database that is easy to navigate. This functionality makes it easy for asbestos assets to be updated, and it makes it easy for all employees to remain informed on ACMs in their workplace.

They can create and disseminate reports

Compiling asbestos reports used to be a costly and time consuming process, as it involved manually combing through paper registers. However, Octfolio allows for the easy creation and customisation of reports, offering a high level of customisability. Reports can then be easily exported in a variety of supported formats and sent to workers.

They can ensure the compliance of your business

Under the current law, you are required to update your asbestos registers in the event that:

  • Your asbestos management plan is reviewed under clause 430
  • Further asbestos is identified at your workplace
  • Asbestos is removed from, disturbed, sealed or enclosed at your workplace

You need to be able to provide assessors, auditors and consultants with fully up to date asbestos registers so they can accurately assess your business, which is why Octfolio will automatically detect which asbestos registers require updating, and will automatically schedule and manage the re-inspection process for you.

They can keep track of inspections and regulation changes

Octfolio digital asbestos register allows assessors, auditors and consultants to view previous and upcoming asbestos inspections, as well as a workplace’s asbestos regulations all in one central online database. They can then use this information to inform their approach towards a business’ asbestos management.

They can easily collect field data

Octfolio’s asbestos field data collection functionality works both online and offline. This means that assessors, auditors and consultants can record asbestos data no matter where it might be. The use of predefined drop down fields and platform-based data collection mechanisms dramatically speeds up the collection of information on site and reduces the potential for human data entry errors. 

They can access automated and accurate reports

Automated reporting allows assessors, auditors and consultants to access raw and accurate data. Octfolio also includes a field mobile application that allows the qualified assessors to capture the important information required in the field in real time and send it directly to the centralised online database. This process removes costly data entry errors, ensures continuity of the documentation and recommendations and streamlines the entire reporting process.

They can conduct their assessments with the aid of a risk calculator feature

With Octfolio’s risk calculator, it is possible for assessors, auditors and consultants to gain an understanding of potential asbestos risks in a workplace before conducting their own assessment.

The risk calculator feature utilises highly specialised algorithms to accurately determine the potential risks and consequences by presenting the calculated risk levels for all associated risks in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. 

Asbestos mapper

Octfolio allows assessors, auditors and consultants to map the global location of all asbestos containing material across a business’ asset portfolio to gain valuable insights. From there, they can easily make informed decisions associated with the management of asbestos inspections and removal programs anywhere in the world.

What is the best asbestos software for assessors, auditors and consultants?

The best asbestos software for assessors, auditors and consultants is Octfolio. That’s because Octfolio has all of the tools and features that these professionals would need in order to conduct a thorough examination of a business and their asbestos portfolio.

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