What is Octfolio software?

Why do businesses use Octfolio?

Who is Octfolio software for?

Is Octfolio easy to setup myself?

Is Octfolio designed for Asset Owners or for Practice Managers and Surveyors?

What happens if a staff member or surveyor’s device loses service?

What device does Octfolio work on?

Can we or our contractors bring their own devices?

Is it easy to extract my data?

Where is Octfolio hosted?

Will my data be private and safe?

Does Octfolio integrate with 3rd party apps?

Does Octfolio offer a free trial?

How much does Octfolio cost?

How do the plans work?

Are there any setup fees?

Are there overage fees?

What type of contact options does Octfolio offer?

What kinds of payment methods does Octfolio accept?

Are there different payment options?

What happens if I exceed my asset tier and I need to increase my limit?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

What happens after I sign up?

What happens if I need all my data for another project?

Can Octfolio give me asbestos related compliance advice?

Do you provide training and support?

Do you have a video or brochure I can share?

I’ve got more questions, which obviously aren’t frequently asked ones?