About Octfolio

Octfolio is a specialised software vendor focused on the development and implementation of information management software solutions for asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Based in Australia, Octfolio is focused on providing innovative field management software solutions, customised compliance solutions and applications relating to workplace health and safety. Stored in one centralised online database, Octfolio offers field data collection applications to streamline the collection and management of hazardous material related information, documentation and associated compliance data.

Our Team

Sebastian Tiller

General Manager

Seb has a long history of delivering elegant solutions to complex business problems that conform to the most exacting compliance standards. He prides himself on his ability to connect with customers and humanise software solutions to be understandable and useful to all parties. He’s also enjoys playing story-based single player games and spending time with his young family, building LEGO, attending recitals, and experiencing new restaurants with his wife.

Tyson Young

Head of Product

Tys is an avid collector of books he has the best intention of reading. A lover of whisky, solving problems for customers through design, and time with his beautiful family. He's also an ex-startup founder who truly cares about team culture & delivering an exceptional product experience. He could probably do with a hobby other than work.

Natalie Firth

Customer Success Manager

Nat loves a good puzzle and always has one on the go, whether it's at home or work analysing and solving IT mysteries. She has to find the missing piece. Her background in change and communication is extremely useful, both with Octfolio clients and when she's volunteering with the hairy residents at the local dog refuge.Nat grew up in NZ so a fan of rainy days and gumboots.

Jordan Havard

Software Engineer

Jordan is passionate about working with people and computers to create solutions that solve complex problems throughout the entire lifecycle of an application. He built his first application over 10 years ago using his parents computer while learning to code on YouTube. Today, he manages the Full Stack development cycle of multiple applications that are used by thousands daily, including QVirtual. Outside of tech, you'll find Jordan riding rollercoasters with his daughter and eating sushi… Yumm!

Jane Brown

Software Engineer

Jane has over 15 years of experience in web development and has worked with clients in the private and public sectors. In her free time, she likes to write short stories and play soccer and basketball.

Raphael Mattos

Software Engineer

Raphael is a true enthusiast of science and technology. He majored in Biology and obtained his Masters degree in genetics before turning to software development. After that definitive career change in 2016, he's worked on his own startups, as a freelancer web app developer and as a full stack engineer in fintech, just as that new market blossomed. When not in the business of coding and bug squashing, Raph spends his time traveling or just enjoying life with his wife and their (very) energetic dog.

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