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April 8, 2022

Sebastian Tiller

Building inspection software is a digital solution to track and manage asbestos and hazardous materials to ensure the properties meet all the important health and safety regulations. Octfolio is an asbestos compliance and management software designed to efficiently collect and manage asbestos and other hazardous material related information, documentation and data. 

If you own a building or run a business in a property which contains asbestos, it is highly recommended to find an appropriate asbestos software, which allows you to keep track of asbestos compliance, risk management and inspections to ensure your workplace is safe for employees, contractors and visitors. 

Why is asbestos building inspection software important?

All buildings must undergo inspections to review that all of the approved safety requirements are met. Softwares, such as Octfolio are important as it allows asset and building owners to digitally keep track of their assets, including recording previous inspections, managing regulations and ensuring legal compliance. 

Additionally, Octfolio software will also help to identify which of your assets need to be scheduled for a re-inspection, as well as save significant time and resources by eliminating the need to undertake costly annual reviews of asbestos registers due to its highly proficient level of reporting. 

Eliminating human error during data collection

Octfolio allows to reduce the potential for human error during data collection due to asbestos reporting management features. This includes providing the inspectors with customised drop-down lists to select from when conducting the inspections to ensure accuracy. 

Procuring insights regarding field operations

Octfolio includes the field data collection feature, which allows building owners and managers to obtain insights and data both online and offline. This means your team can work anywhere and be able to record asbestos and other hazardous materials from any location. Additionally, Octfolio offers automated field completion, risk scoring and mandated fields to speed up data collection and ensure the work remains consistent no matter who records the data.

What are the features?

Forms and Checklists

Octfolio allows asset owners and managers to easily manage documentation such as forms and checklists, thanks to our proficient document management feature. 

Whether you wish to create new forms, customise checklists or automate a whole range of documents, these can all be easily stored and accessed all in one central online database. This is particularly handy for property owners and managers dealing with large asset portfolios, as each asset may require different documentation, management plan, removal reports etc. 

Octfolio supports various document types including doc, pdf, jpg, xlsx, and others and stores all of the documents in easy to organise and access libraries. 


Octfolio software allows property owners and managers to reduce costs of reporting compliance by allowing you to customise each report based on individual requirements. This means that once the field data has been entered, our software then generates asbestos registers, management plans and reports whilst also reducing the costs of inspection programs. These reports can be sent and accessed on any devices, particularly the ones used by asbestos and other hazardous material assessors. 


Octfolio software comes with the sophisticated analytics feature which allows to accurately calculate risk levels and consequences via our highly specialised algorithms. These are then presented in a user-friendly manner to building owners and project managers to set alerts and become aware of potential risks in real time. This creates the ability to implement appropriate measures to control risks or eliminate them altogether. 

Why makes Octfolio stand out? 

Octfolio is a proven industry compliance, inspection and risk management platform for much more than just asbestos in the built environment. We aim to reduce the issues with communication between your assets, people, and contractors whilst ensuring you are complying with the current legislative requirements. 

We provide you with access to real-time data to help you better understand and manage risks of  your assets. 

What other functions does Octfolio contain?

Octfolio building inspector software also includes many other features to assist with asset management, removal management, clearances, ladder inspections, building condition assessments and interactive maps. 

Asset Management

Building inspections may become challenging particularly if you own a large asset portfolio. Octfolio creates a hierarchy of tasks and responsibilities, allowing asset owners and managers to easily prioritise which information, documents or reporting they require based on existing requirements.  

Asbestos Removal Management

Octfolio building managers to record and keep track of all of the asbestos maintenance and removal procedures by issuing clearance certificates to each asset. This allows you to protect yourself and your assets from any confusion in the future. 

Additionally, when asbestos maintenance teams or contractors attend locations containing asbestos or other hazardous materials, Octfolio provides them with up to date government compliance documentation. This ensures the team are informed and not faced with any health and safety hazards or warned if the documentation is out of date. 

Interactive Maps 

Octfolio includes a user-friendly, easily accessible Interactive Maps feature, which can be shared with both external and internal contractors. This allows users to search for specific asbestos related building sites via integrated Google Maps interface. Once the location is identified, Octfolio presents a set of hyperlinks to each specific building which include asbestos registers, restricted access information, previous documentation and other compliance-related information you may require. 

How do I get started with Octfolio for my business?

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