Asset Tracking Software in Australia

April 8, 2022

Sebastian Tiller

Asset Tracking Software in Australia: Asset Management Solutions 

Asset tracking software in Australia is an important resource for businesses whose assets contain asbestos, as asset tracking software manages asbestos and compliance requirements. This allows Australian businesses to maintain a safe working environment for their employees, contractors and visitors, ensure the compliance of their business operations, and significantly enhance the efficiency of their operations. 

For the past decade, Octfolio has led the way in asset tracking software in Australia, having worked with various important industry stakeholders from clients, surveyors and laboratories to create a wealth of important features. With Octfolio, you can easily handle every aspect of asset tracking and management.

What is Octfolio asset tracking software?

Octfolio is asbestos asset tracking software that makes it easy for you to keep track of the risks in your asset portfolio; as well as manage contractors, samples and assets in one place. For businesses looking to manage asbestos, Octfolio offers simple end-to-end solutions with its various features.

Octfolio’s asbestos software functions include: 

  • a digital asbestos register
  • field data collection
  • templated dynamic reporting
  • workflow automation
  • risk calculation
  • asbestos mapping
  • asbestos surveys
  • asbestos occupancy risk assessment
  • asbestos material risk assessment 
  • interactive maps

How do I use Octfolio’s asset management capabilities?

One of the many aspects that make Octfolio the ideal asset tracking software in Australia is its wealth of features that are easy to use. You don’t need to worry about costing your business’ efficiency as you effortlessly manage and track your asbestos assets. In order to demonstrate just how easy it is to use Octfolio, we have outlined some of the asset management features that it provides, including its asset tracking. 

Searching assets

Once you have established an asbestos register, you need to be able to navigate it quickly. Octfolio provides a simple process that allows you to find comprehensive information about any asset you’re looking for.

This information includes the following:

  • Asset code
  • Asset name
  • Asset type
  • Street address
  • Suburb
  • Asbestos status
  • Overall risk rating

In order to make the management of multiple assets over a single location even easier, each asbestos asset is assigned a unique asset code, making them simple to differentiate no matter how complex your asset structures are.  

Adding new buildings

Asbestos management is a process that takes time, as it needs to be thorough. When you discover an asbestos containing asset, you need to be able to log it in your registry as quickly as possible so that you can focus on managing it. 

When you need to add a new building, you can enter the following information into Octfolio:

  • Site name
  • Building code
  • Building name
  • Label code
  • Address
  • Suburb
  • Town/City
  • Postcode
  • Region
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Internal gross floor area (in different measurements including metres squared)
  • Site type
  • Site size

Editing assets

If a change occurs in an asset, it should be changed as soon as possible for both safety and compliance reasons. With Octfolio, editing assets is simple. All you need to do is use Octfolio’s intuitive search functionality to select the existing asset (via its asset code). Once you have done that, you can easily view and edit the assets details. When the edits have been made, all you have to do to ensure that they are saved is click the button labelled ‘Update & Exit’. 

Navigating between different sites

Many businesses have multiple sites, which means that there are multiple sites they need to manage regarding possible asbestos. That is why Octfolio has built in a section that makes it easier to navigate between sites. 

This section allows you to view the details of all of your sites, including:

  • Their individual asset codes
  • The site name
  • Whether it has had an asbestos audit conducted (and its subsequent asbestos rating)
  • The site’s overall risk rating 

From there, you can easily edit their details, or you can filter and search for a specific site using their unique asset code.

Navigating between different levels in a building

If your office building has multiple levels, you need to be able to track asbestos across those levels. Octfolio makes this process easy, as all you need to do is search for your building (using the process outlined above) then click the level details tab.

From there, you can view all of the details of your level, including:

  • Asset code
  • Site name
  • Building name
  • Level
  • Label code
  • Internal gross floor area
  • Assigned modules
  • Created by
  • Created date
  • Last updated by
  • Last updated date

From there, it’s easy to edit and update level details. 

Finding samples by levels

When your business is in the middle of managing your asbestos assets, you don’t want to waste time when trying to search for asbestos samples that were found on the same level (i.e. ground floor, roof, external, etc.) across various buildings. That is why Octfolio has the built in functionality to allow you to group all of your assets by levels.

Finding records by levels

If you need to access your records, whether it’s for personal reference or to present it to important stakeholders, you want this process to be easy and quick. Octfolio allows you to easily group your records by level. Once you have selected to search by level, you can view important information, including:

  • Record ID
  • Asset log
  • Inspection date
  • Location
  • Sequence
  • Sample ID/Barcode
  • Status of ACM (Confirmed/Not Present)
  • Quantity unit
  • Sample result (i.e. type of asbestos)
  • Risk rating
  • Approved date

Finding audits by levels

At Octfolio, we believe that finding existing audits by building should not be a hassle. Much like other processes we’ve outlined previously, all this process requires is that you choose to search for your audits by selecting levels under asset management. 

Once you’ve selected your site or building, you’ll be able to navigate to the audits tab, where you can easily find for reference:

  • Audit ID
  • Work order number
  • Scheduled date
  • Completed date
  • Asset number
  • Record number
  • Contractor
  • Status

Finding risk ratings associated with an asset

If you are looking to prioritise your assets based on risk rating, Octfolio makes this easy to perform. Simply search for your asset, navigate to its risk rating tab, and you can view all of the associated information with its risk ratings, including:

  • Overall asbestos status
  • Overall risk rating
  • Total quantity of asbestos in metres squared
  • Total quantity of asbestos in metres cubed
  • Total quantity of asbestos in linear metres
  • Recommend frequency for reaudits
  • Recommended reaudit date
  • Last assessment company
  • Last assessment date
  • Last updated by
  • Last updated date

What other functions does Octfolio contain?

In addition to the asset tracking functions that Octfolio contains, you can also:

  • Easily collect, organise and manage field data
  • Create and distribute extensively customisable reports
  • Create and manage all of the documents associated with your asset portfolio
  • Accurately assess and model all asbestos risks
  • Interact with comprehensive maps of your asbestos sites
  • Label asbestos sites and communicate with all important stakeholders

How do I get started with the best asset tracking software in Australia?

If you want to get started with the best asset tracking software in Australia, you need to get in touch with Octfolio.

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