Best Asbestos Test Kits: Top Rated Asbestos Test Kits for You!

December 19, 2023

Sebastian Tiller

Asbestos test kits are designed to detect the presence of asbestos fibres in various materials. These kits, available for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, typically include specialised equipment and clear instructions, so that users can gather small pieces or swabs from suspect materials. Once collected, these samples are sent to a certified laboratory to identify the presence and concentration of asbestos fibres.

These kits ensure a proactive approach to health and safety in homes, workplaces, and public spaces by playing an important role in asbestos management. That is why we’ve made a list of the top-rated asbestos test kits.

What are the best asbestos test kits available?

  1. Envirohealth Consulting Sampling Kit

The Envirohealth Consulting Asbestos Sampling Kit is a complete solution for easy and reliable asbestos testing. Priced at $110, each kit includes disposable coveralls, a P2 respirator, gloves, a sample bag, and detailed instructions. Orders can be placed online with prepayment, and the kit will be dispatched with a reply-paid envelope for sample return. Results are typically provided within 24 hours of receiving the samples. Additional samples can be tested at an extra cost of $44 per sample.

  1. Asbestos Assessments Test Kit

The Asbestos Assessments Asbestos Kit is a user-friendly solution for DIY and professional asbestos testing. This kit includes all the necessary equipment for safe sample collection, from a step-by-step guide to a sealed disposable face mask. With fast NATA lab results and Safe Work Australia approved methods, you'll receive a NATA endorsed Certificate of Analysis within three days of sending your sample. This one-sample analysis kit ensures a hassle-free and certified process, making asbestos testing accessible to all.

  1. Pro Lab Inc Asbestos Test Kit

The Pro Lab DIY Asbestos Test Kit helps you safely collect samples of asbestos containing materials. This is so they can be examined in a qualified lab using polarised light microscopy to identify asbestos fibres, even at 1% by weight. With easy sample collection and clear instructions, users receive detailed lab results within 7 days. An optional express service is available for faster results at an additional fee, making it a convenient and precise choice for asbestos detection.

  1. AsbestoScreen Test Kits

This is an all-inclusive kit that provides peace of mind by offering a thorough analysis of one sample. The testing process is effortless – simply collect your sample in the provided bag, send it to the laboratory, and receive your results within 72 hours. Designed for versatility, this kit accommodates testing of various building materials, from popcorn ceilings to floor tiles.

What tools do I need for asbestos sampling?

According to OCTIEF, an organisation that specialises in environmental and occupational compliance including asbestos management, it is a requirement that you have the following tools before you conduct any asbestos sampling:

  • Spray bottle (filled with water containing a few drops of detergent)
  • Wet wipes / damp paper towels or rags
  • Waterproof sealant / filler (quick setting and designed for both interior and exterior use)
  • Adhesive spray
  • Sample bags – resealable plastic bags
  • Non-serrated pliers
  • Stanley knife and spare blades
  • Plastic drop sheet
  • HAZMAT waste bags and black duct tape
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – disposable coveralls, disposable gloves
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) – particulate respirator fitted with a P2 filter

For more information, including the best asbestos sampling method, you can read OCTIEF’s Guide to Sampling ACMS.

What should I look for in an asbestos kit?

When deciding on the right asbestos kit for you, it is important that you research the following to inform your purchase:

  • Accreditation and Certification: Choose a kit and laboratory with certifications like NVLAP for result reliability.
  • Comprehensive Instructions: Opt for a kit with clear, user-friendly instructions to ensure accurate testing.
  • Inclusive Testing: Confirm that the kit can test both friable and non-friable materials.
  • Sample Collection Tools: Assess the quality of included tools for safe and easy sample collection.
  • Shipping and Analysis Costs: Understand the cost structure, including shipping and extra sample analysis fees.
  • Turnaround Time: Consider the kit's turnaround time for receiving testing results.
  • Professional Support: Check for access to professional support or consultation during the testing process.
  • Brand Reputation: Choose kits from reputable brands or manufacturers with a history of reliability.
  • User Reviews: Research customer reviews for insights into ease of use and overall effectiveness.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure the kit complies with relevant legal and regulatory standards for testing.
  • Versatility: Assess the kit's ability to test various construction materials commonly used.
  • Additional Safety Recommendations: Confirm if the kit provides safety recommendations aligning with industry standards.

What safety precautions should I take when collecting samples for an asbestos test?

When collecting samples for an asbestos test, safety should be the top priority. It is crucial to wear appropriate personal protective equipment, with a respirator being essential to safeguard against potential asbestos exposure. Dust masks are not sufficient for protection in this case, making the use of proper respiratory protection imperative during the sampling process. By adhering to these safety precautions, you ensure a secure environment and reduce the risk of health-threatening asbestos exposure.

How long does it take to receive results from an asbestos test kit?

The timeframe for receiving results from an asbestos test kit can vary, but as a general guideline, expect to receive conclusive results within 72 hours after the laboratory receives your sample. Some kits may even offer expedited processing for quicker turnaround times. This swift analysis allows for prompt decision-making and action in addressing any potential asbestos-related concerns.

Are asbestos test kits suitable for DIY use, or should I hire a professional?

Many asbestos test kits are specifically designed for DIY use, providing clear and user-friendly instructions for sample collection. However, the decision to use a DIY kit or hire a professional depends on factors such as the complexity of the testing process, the extent of potential asbestos exposure, and individual comfort levels. While DIY asbestos testing kits are suitable for smaller projects, individuals may opt for professional services for larger or more intricate testing scenarios, relying on the expertise of professionals.

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