Asbestos Risk Assessment Tools

June 3, 2022

Sebastian Tiller

Asbestos risk assessment tools play a crucial role in the management of asbestos assets in a workplace. Octfolio, a simple yet comprehensive software solution, offers all of the tools you need in order to manage asbestos assets in workplaces all across Australia and New Zealand.

Because asbestos is both dangerous and difficult to identify, you need asbestos risk assessment tools in order to make the process of keeping your workplace safe and compliant as easy as possible. 

What is asbestos risk assessment and why is it important?

Asbestos risk assessment encompasses multiple acts you take when you suspect that an area in your workplace contains asbestos. These acts include:

  • Recording and collating the necessary information concerning an asbestos asset
  • Determining the likelihood that the asbestos fibres could be released into the air, resulting in exposure to employees
  • Ensuring that all employees are aware of the potential risks associated with an asbestos asset at all times
  • Determining and implementing a contingency plan to deal with an asbestos asset as safely as possible

This is important because asbestos risk assessment determines how effectively a workplace deals with potential asbestos risks, maintaining their safety and compliance in the process.

What are important asbestos risk assessment tools?

As mentioned previously, Octfolio is asbestos management software that contains all of the asbestos risk assessment tools you need to be able to effectively and safely respond to an identified asbestos asset. 

Below, we will outline the various asbestos risk assessment tools that Octfolio contains, as well as why they play a crucial role in assessing the potential risks of your asbestos assets and how they inform your asbestos management going forward. 

Asset manager

In order to assess the risk of an asbestos asset, you need to be able to record and access information on it. Octfolio gives you an easy to use database where you can store asset locations, as well as assign them a wide variety of details to inform all key stakeholders. 

This database is also easy to navigate, meaning you don’t have to waste time in the event that you need to locate an existing asbestos asset. It is important to keep everybody informed when new asbestos assets are identified, which is why Octfolio makes it easy to share this information internally and externally as well. 

Report manager

Because there are significant costs involved when it comes to updating the many asbestos registers that tend to arise in the location of various workplaces, Octfolio contains powerful and intuitive report management functionality. 

You can create professionally formatted reports that are fully customisable and accurate, then export them to a variety of supported formats (including .doc and .xlsx). 

This includes any compliance documents, such as your asbestos registers which must be kept up-to-date. Keep in mind that the current law states that you are required to update your asbestos registers in the event that:

  • Your asbestos management plan is reviewed under clause 430
  • Further asbestos is identified at your workplace
  • Asbestos is removed from, disturbed, sealed or enclosed at your workplace

This makes sense when you consider that you need your asbestos registers to be up to date if you want to accurately assess the risks of your existing asbestos assets. Octfolio’s report manager makes this process more efficient as well as more accurate, eliminating the potential for human error.

Maintenance manager

Regulations also say that you are required to provide a copy of an up to date asbestos register and management plan whenever a contractor or maintenance personnel attends a site that has identified asbestos containing materials present. Octfolio not only provides up to date government compliant documentation, it also warns users when a register is out of date or if information has changed since it was last updated.

Digital asbestos register

Octfolio digital asbestos register allows building owners and managers track asbestos inspections, manage asbestos regulations and ensure legal compliance all in one central online database. This ensures that all asbestos register data is secure, kept up to date and easy to access and navigate whenever needed. Registers are also easy to export and send in a number of document formats.

Field data collector

Octfolio’s asbestos field data collection functionality works both online and offline. This means that you and your team can record asbestos data no matter where it might be. The use of predefined drop down fields and platform-based data collection mechanisms dramatically speeds up the collection of information on site and reduces the potential for human data entry errors. 

Additionally, automated field completion, risk scoring and mandated fields speed up data collection to save time and ensure you are up to date with all compliance obligations. 

Automated reporter

Automated reporting allows building owners and managers to access raw data, reduce costs by ensuring data accuracy, and streamline the entire reporting process. Octfolio also includes a field mobile application that allows the qualified assessors to capture the important information required in the field in real time and send it directly to the centralised online database. This process removes costly data entry errors, ensures continuity of the documentation and recommendations and streamlines the entire reporting process.

Workflow automator

In order to close the communication gap between your site, your people, your contractors and your legislative compliance; Octfolio has many features in place that automate the procedures associated with asbestos risk assessment and management.

These features such as the ability for real time risk alerts, email alerts to management, automated risk profiling, automatic detection of asbestos registers that require updating, real time viewing of asbestos assessors via the Google Maps interface and more.

Risk calculator

Octfolio risk calculator feature allows building owners and managers to accurately assess and model all the risks with one simple interface. Without Octfolio, this process would be exponentially more difficult, particularly if you are a large-scale asset portfolio manager with significant volumes of asbestos to manage.

The risk calculator feature utilises highly specialised algorithms to accurately determine the potential risks and consequences by presenting the calculated risk levels for all associated risks in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. 

Asbestos mapper

Octfolio allows you to map the global location of all asbestos containing material across your asset portfolio to gain valuable insights. From there, you can easily make informed decisions associated with the management of asbestos inspections and removal programs anywhere in the world.

Where can I get all of these asbestos risk assessment tools?

Asbestos risk assessment is ultimately about keeping your asbestos registers up to date so all of your stakeholders are informed and can act accordingly. The best way to achieve this is using intuitive asbestos software such as Octfolio.

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