National Asbestos Awareness Month 2022 is Here!

November 16, 2022

Sebastian Tiller

National Asbestos Awareness Month (NAAM) 2022 is running in the month of November, encouraging home occupiers and tradespeople to ‘think twice about asbestos’ and do the right thing when disposing of asbestos.

NAAM is a multi award-winning asbestos awareness and community education campaign that started with the Asbestos Awareness Campaign in 2011, in which awareness is spread to home renovators and tradesmen throughout November, all about:

  • The dangers of asbestos;
  • What products may contain asbestos and where those products may be found in existing households or other environments
  • The steps that ought to be taken by people planning home renovations or who otherwise identify asbestos products in their home or other.

Even though the use of asbestos in manufacturing was banned in 2003 due to its harmful properties, asbestos is still present in various buildings. Not only is it important for businesses to conduct themselves with care in buildings that could contain asbestos; but businesses also have a responsibility to share their asbestos management knowledge with other businesses. That way, we can create a safe environment for all employees, as well as ensure the compliance of all businesses. 

That’s why, for National Asbestos Awareness Month; influential groups such as councils, MPs, associations, organisations, community groups and government departments are encouraged to participate by registering and committing to spreading awareness of asbestos in various ways.

How does Octfolio participate in National Asbestos Awareness Month?

Octfolio aims to spread awareness about all factors of the safe handling and disposal of asbestos.

Our aim is for everyone to consider all of the different parts of asbestos management, including;

  • How to effectively identify asbestos
  • The tools and resources you need to manage asbestos
  • The safe removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials (ACMs)
  • The enclosing and isolation of areas with ACMs
  • How to mitigate asbestos contamination risks
  • The importance of registering ACMs (and keeping registers up to date)
  • How to train your employees to conduct themselves around asbestos
  • Maintaining the compliance of your business

To that end, we have ensured that our Octfolio software contains everything you need to be able to effectively manage asbestos.

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Sebastian Tiller

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