Interactive Asbestos Maps: Share the asbestos register using our interactive maps software feature

Providing access to the asbestos register is of paramount importance to building owners and project managers. Octfolio’s Asbestos Information Management Software includes a user-friendly Interactive Maps feature, powered by Google which can be used in-platform or shared with authorised visitors and contractors.

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Our Interactive Maps feature ensures easy accessibility

One of the most important obligations required from a building owner or manager is ensuring the asbestos registers are up to date and readily accessed by all persons who access the site or building. Some of our clients' sites are complicated and the building name isn’t always obvious, by sharing the information on a map this helps visitors and contractors quickly find what they need and proceed with the work at hand.

By using Octfolio, building owners and managers can:
  • Track all access to the asbestos registers and other compliance information.
  • Show clustered risk information in an easy to use mobile friendly interface.
  • Display read-only risk and compliance information with traffic light indicators
  • Provide click-to-call company details to help clear up any uncertainty.
  • Making the asbestos register accessible to all persons

How does the Interactive Maps feature actually work?

This feature allows users to simply search for the specific asbestos related site address using the familiar Google Maps interface. Once the user has zoomed in on their specific target location, Octfolio’s software presents an asset tile including a set of hyperlinks attached to the place mark on the map. These hyperlinks include links to the asbestos register, restricted access permits and all other compliance-related documentation for the site.

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